Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rain Sucks

Lets see..

Car hydroplaning on the fwy hitting the center divider, then having to change the broken tire in the harsh storm, then borrowing my brother's car the next day only to get a flat tire and change the tire in the rain AGAIN... yeahhh and to think i was beginning to like the rain.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

3D Effects Notes! Hope this helps!


*NOTE! if youre gonna follow this instruction, make sure the glasses are LEFT RED and RIGHT BLUE.

Make sure the whole image is greyscale (but don't merge the layers!)
-then make sure you create a good contrast between layers! lights and darks have to be pretty distinguished between layers.

duplicate each layer and name them by LEFT AND RIGHT
-separate them by groups

-make a solid layer style RED (255, 0, 0) for LEFT
-make solid layer style BLUE (0, 255, 255) for RIGHt
-put the colored layer by the appropriate groups (by left or right, in our  case RED would be LEFT)

-change the style of each solid colored layer to (SCREEN) and the whole folder of ONLY the TOP layer to (MULTIPLY) which would be BLUE. the bottom folder would be left alone as "pass through"
-the WHOLE thing should look pretty greyscaled.

now for the 3D effect
-start from the top layer of each folder.. move the RIGHT layer to the right 10 clicks (this is the max number of clicks it would move away from the center), and the LEFT layer to the left 10 clicks (it doesn't have to be 10, this number depends on the image you have).. this will actually make the object pop out.
-the more the object is in front of you, the more it shifts left or right (say 10 would be the max ticks)
-as you get to the center you lower the ticks (5 ticks)
-then when you get to the foreground you wouldn't move it since thats the center depth of the image.
-FINALLY! as you go further back into the background you shift the layer to the opposite way (so right layer would move left, and left layer would move right)

everything is greyscaled

here is the solid colored layer made and put on top of each group

here i changed each solid colored layer to SCREEN

then i changed the GROUP layer style as MULTIPLY (but only the top one which would be BLUE)

here is before and after


When saving an image for the web, whats the better format, JPEG or GIF?

JPEG is better for gradients of lights and darks and color shifts
GIF is better for FLAT colors (like logos).

When saving in JPEG format, if saving in highest quality, there is no color loss.

When saving GIF, you can choose either "diffusion" or "dithering". Diffusion shows dots/pixels of color gradients, whereas dithering totally flattens the colors. (this can be useful for screen printing to separate the colors).

You can save a lot of file space by saving it in GIF compared to JPEG, but that all depends on the type of image you have.

Monday, December 6, 2010


heres a flyer i made for a friend. Maybe for those around the area you can attend this event

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photoshop Tips for Today

-use pen tool
-on layer panel, click mask... click once more to get vector mask (so it would be editable on the fly in the paths panel)

-when playing around with texture, you can use masks to cut the texture out
- cmd+click the vector mask, then click the patterned layer, and click mask on the layers panel
-if you want to adjust, make a group, copy the vector mask on the group, then drag and drop whatever pattern you want inside.

shift+control+option+cmd to merge all layers into a new layer


- first, always keep a copy of the original photo
- use spot healing brush tool for a quick swipe on pimples, wrinkles, and dots (it takes the surrounding pixels and meshes the targeted brush)
-use healing brush tool for bigger areas (like a clone stamp tool) to mesh the targeted area. **use a softer brush
-patch tool for specific areas (use like a lasso tool).

Project 3: Sketchbook Rendering

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rough Sketch

here are some quick renderings i did for practice! inspired by pascal campion and james jean

ok and now for project three sketch!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sketchbook Illustration Ideas

These are the sketches I was thinking about rendering for the next project

not sure which one to do yet! helppp!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tablet Sketch Practice

Brainstorm Technique

This brainstorm technique is useful for coming up with ideas for editorial illustrations:

Think of pop/local/entertainment/political news that is popular today that is shifting our culture, and list as many as you can.

List events in a year such as "New Years, Spring, Tax day, 4th July, Back to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc etc"
  -from these words, list three words that associate with the events above.

With the associated words, try to combine it with the news of your choice. So if I thought of "New Years Party", I can combine it with local earthquake news, i would get: "earthquake party in new years". Then try to pull ideas from that, making it literal? allegorical? symbolic?

Project 2! Technical "How to" Illustration!

get it? please? please get it?

Monday, October 18, 2010

InDesign Tips for Today

How to organize pages to be just spreads, and or to organize pages manually - go to pages panel, right click one of the pages and uncheck "Allow document pages to shuffle".

If you have a lot of text, and it needs to continue on to next page - select tool, click on bottom right where + sign is, then with that clicked, go to second page and click in the text frame and it will continue.

If you want to adjust column numbers, go to OBJECT > TEXT FRAME OPTIONS or right click on a text frame and click TEXT FRAME OPTIONS

You can align all text to BASELINE grid to bring some unity in all text. Click on paragraphs window, then on bottom right click "align to baseline grid"

Make sure justification and letter spacing is appropriate

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Etta James Album Cover!

One of my favorite blue's soul artist, Etta James!

sigh whatever happened to soul music?

Illustrator Tips for Today

mesh tool - make color gradients more specific to shapes and lines

tween - transform a shape to another shape. you can also add a gradient so that the colors can change as they transform

you can make strokes into outlines. click the stroke, go to object and create outline. then expand

knife tool - cut a shape apart to split them

In Class Exercise

Practice with a brush tool in illustrator

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Current Desktop Background

So here's a simple desktop wallpaper I created for myself. Just a way of keeping myself reminded.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Practicing Pastel

here is my pastel practice on a life drawing model. i think the hardest part is getting down color harmony rather knowing how to use the pastel medium itself. i definitely have to practice with it more.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Illustrator Tips for Today


Scale Tool - Change size of object while keeping proportion. i.e making a circle more of a squareish oval

Align and Distribute - Keep objects (especially letters) aligned and spaced out evenly

Unite and Divide - Use this tool a lot to break apart big objects to small subparts

Eye Dropper - if you have a distinct style on an object and want to copy over color and outline, you can select another object and click the eyedropper and select the primary object to copy over color and outline.

Select > Same > ?  - if you have lots and lots of objects, you can change colors/size of objects/outlines of all of them at the same time

Perfect Circle Pattern - Go into Y-RAY vision, make sure the object that you want to be duplicated is selected. ALT + click the center of the circle. type in 360/? depending on how many objects you want to go around the circle, click copy. then cmd+d.

for Gradients - make sure you keep gradient and color window separated, then click each "house" on one side, then change color on color window


Cmd+Y - Outline only
Cmd+ [ or ] - arrange objects forward and back
Cmd+Shift+O - Create outlines (this is useful for text)

**practice with shape tool, align and dividing!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six of my Past Artworks

Here are six of my favorite works, they range from traditional to graphic design. Enjoy!

I'll start with my current Business Card

Christmas Greeting Card

Wine Label

Magazine Spread

last one i promise!

Back to Life Drawing

After a year and a half of no life drawing, I realized how rusty I was when I started again for life drawing this semester. Practice definitely makes all the difference!

So here is my last life drawing page from a year and a half ago:

Here are the sketches for this semester so far:

my very first one for the class..

slowly starting to get my groove back

man such a big difference from where i left off.

sighh back to the basics it iss.