Sunday, September 26, 2010

Practicing Pastel

here is my pastel practice on a life drawing model. i think the hardest part is getting down color harmony rather knowing how to use the pastel medium itself. i definitely have to practice with it more.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Illustrator Tips for Today


Scale Tool - Change size of object while keeping proportion. i.e making a circle more of a squareish oval

Align and Distribute - Keep objects (especially letters) aligned and spaced out evenly

Unite and Divide - Use this tool a lot to break apart big objects to small subparts

Eye Dropper - if you have a distinct style on an object and want to copy over color and outline, you can select another object and click the eyedropper and select the primary object to copy over color and outline.

Select > Same > ?  - if you have lots and lots of objects, you can change colors/size of objects/outlines of all of them at the same time

Perfect Circle Pattern - Go into Y-RAY vision, make sure the object that you want to be duplicated is selected. ALT + click the center of the circle. type in 360/? depending on how many objects you want to go around the circle, click copy. then cmd+d.

for Gradients - make sure you keep gradient and color window separated, then click each "house" on one side, then change color on color window


Cmd+Y - Outline only
Cmd+ [ or ] - arrange objects forward and back
Cmd+Shift+O - Create outlines (this is useful for text)

**practice with shape tool, align and dividing!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six of my Past Artworks

Here are six of my favorite works, they range from traditional to graphic design. Enjoy!

I'll start with my current Business Card

Christmas Greeting Card

Wine Label

Magazine Spread

last one i promise!

Back to Life Drawing

After a year and a half of no life drawing, I realized how rusty I was when I started again for life drawing this semester. Practice definitely makes all the difference!

So here is my last life drawing page from a year and a half ago:

Here are the sketches for this semester so far:

my very first one for the class..

slowly starting to get my groove back

man such a big difference from where i left off.

sighh back to the basics it iss. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010